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Nature Conservation in the UK

Good morning Googlers.

Today I am going to start my new predicament named  "Nature Conservation UK". This new category will inform you about Nature Conservation in the United Kingdom. 
My point of view is the UK makesa really good job, much better than we in good old Germany.  
Why? Well, the answer is simple. It seems the UK doesn't treat it like a stepchild. 
Scotland, for example, finaces a huge amount of GBP in a lot of projects, like the Cairngorm National Park.

It was last month in Scotland, as I saw a nice variation of the phrase"Everything gets better with...", 
some information boards showed "Everything gets better with Nature".
Well done Scotland.

Okay, lets get back to topic. I will introduce you a really great publication named "Biodiversity News".
This newspaper is about a lot of things of Nature Conservation in England. I am afraid, England only. 
The publisher ist the JNCC-Joint Nature Conservation Comitee. Who?
Well the JNCC   is the statutory adviser to the UK Government on national and international nature conservation. Its work contributes to maintaining and enriching biological diversity, conserving geological features and sustaining natural systems.

"Biodiversity News" occurs 4 times a year, one time a quarterly period.

If you click the link below, you find the latest issue, No. 59 Autumm 2012.

Have fun by reading and thanks for visting my blog



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